The Innovation Capital and the
Primary Source of Foreign Direct Investment
in the Region

Experience robust financial gain. Increase the competitiveness of your firm.

Kenya is the pre-eminent business center of Central East Africa. Similarly, Kenya Free Trade Zone is the undisputed logistics and distribution hub of the region.


Strategic Location

KFTZ is located 28 km. South East of Nairobi City along Nairobi – Mombasa transit corridor, which cuts across Kenya, heading to other nations. KFTZ also lies along the Great North Highway corridor, running from Cairo to Cape Town as well as the Mombasa – Lagos highways. Thus, its location and its various connections to other areas of the world make it a dynamic and ideal point for industrialization.

Transportation Hub

KFTZ has direct access to road and railway networks (Standard Gauge Rails.) The nearby train station serves as a loading and offloading zone for bulky goods. The Zone lies within less than 15 kilometers from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), which is the primary hub and ideal gateway into and out of East and Central Africa.

Industrial Node

The Zone is near the largest industrial node in the country. The county, in which KFTZ is located, boasts of renowned industry sectors such as; mining, construction, manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, education, and agriculture. The region also has cement industry, steel industry, meat processing, and also export processing zones.

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